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How to Gain Trust During the Pandemic

This pandemic has changed so many ways business is done, but one thing has remained constant. Clear, honest communication is critical to both your customers and employees.  A recent small business survey revealed that better communication led to better customer experiences.

The truth of the matter is that having excellent communication with customers is often easier said than done.  With the unpredictability of stay at home orders, mandated mask wearing and declining sales, business owners are struggling to survive.  But doing simple, customer-centric tasks will not only create loyalty they will also build trust.

Communicating and Educating Customers

Successful companies have had to ramp up their customer communications.  From checking in on clients to offering free resources and tools for customers, successful companies have made it a priority to strengthen relationships.

Be Transparent and Honest

In addition to communicating more with customers, successful companies are open and honest about how the pandemic is impacting business and customer expectations.  Many companies have posted their COVID-19 policy on their website and social media sites.

Adapt to Customer Needs

Take a customer-first approach by providing special accommodations for clients.  Some companies have offered delayed payments, extended terms, or discounted prices.  This restores customers’ trust and confidence in the business.

Embrace Technology

Many businesses have had to go entirely online, adopting digital applications to help with payments, customer inquiries, and consultations.  Smart use of social media will drive brand awareness and sales.

By addressing these points your company will be rewarded with increased loyalty from both your customers and employees.

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