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Funding for Small Business:  American Receivable Meets the Challenge

Small businesses, the backbone of our economy, often grapple with a myriad of challenges when it comes to securing funding. From stringent qualification criteria and profitability concerns to customer concentration issues and the owner’s credit score, the journey to financial stability can seem like an uphill battle. In this blog post, we will delve into the common obstacles faced by small businesses and unveil the tailored solutions offered by American Receivable, a seasoned and top-rated player in the industry, celebrating 45 years of excellence. 

  1. Qualifications and Time in Business:  Many traditional lenders set stringent qualifications, making it difficult for newer businesses to secure funding. “Funding for Small Business” becomes a distant dream for those navigating the challenges of limited time in business. American Receivable recognizes this hurdle and provides a lifeline by offering funding solutions that focus on the strength of your accounts receivable rather than strict time-in-business criteria. 
  2. Profitability Concerns:  Turning a profit is a journey, and during the initial stages, many businesses face challenges in meeting profitability benchmarks set by traditional lenders. American Receivable steps in with a fresh perspective, considering the potential of your business rather than dwelling solely on past profitability. This shift in approach opens up new avenues for businesses to access the funding they need. 
  3. Growing Net Worth:  Traditional lenders often look at a business’s net worth as a crucial factor in the lending decision. Small businesses, especially those in growth phases, might find it challenging to meet these net worth requirements. American Receivable understands the dynamics of growth and offers funding solutions that align with your business’s trajectory, enabling you to bridge the net worth gap. 
  4. Customer Concentration Issues:  Businesses heavily dependent on a few key customers may face challenges in securing traditional funding. American Receivable acknowledges the importance of diverse revenue streams and provides funding solutions that consider your entire customer base. This approach offers flexibility and support, even in the face of customer concentration challenges. 
  5. Owner’s Poor Personal Credit Score: The owner’s credit score is often a significant factor in traditional lending decisions.  American Receivable, however, looks beyond personal credit scores, recognizing that entrepreneurs might face setbacks. By focusing on the business’s potential and performance, American Receivable provides a lifeline for businesses held back by poor personal credit. 

Why Business Owners Choose American Receivable

  1. Years of Expertise:  With 45 years of experience in the industry, American Receivable has weathered economic changes and financial landscapes. This longevity speaks to the trust clients place in our solutions, making us a reliable partner for businesses seeking stability and growth. 
  2. Top-Rated Solutions:  American Receivable’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its top-rated status. Our solutions are not just effective; they are recognized and praised by those we serve. By choosing American Receivable, businesses align with a partner that consistently delivers outstanding results. 


“Funding for Small Business” no longer needs to be a challenge. American Receivable emerges as a beacon of hope, offering tailored solutions that address the unique obstacles faced by small businesses. With a rich history of 45 years and a top-rated reputation, American Receivable stands ready to be your partner in overcoming financial challenges and achieving lasting success. Unlock the potential of your business with American Receivable. 

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