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Focus on Customer Service

A mark of an excellent company is a culture that values their customer relationships and routinely exceeds their customer expectations.    In today’s competitive environment, customers are aggressively prospected, and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted.  Relationship focused companies recognize that they must deliver excellent service to grow their revenue.

A “one size fits all” approach to customer service does not work.  Superior customer service has more to do with listening to your customer than anything else.  Superior companies realize that by emphasizing an excellent customer service environment problem are avoided and new opportunities are revealed. 

Customers look for attention to detail and responsiveness when describing excellent services.  Often, it’s the small things that can make a big difference to the customer.  Promptly returning calls and emails can go a long way towards having happy customers.

Tips to Help You Go the Extra Mile:

  • Pay attention to small details.  Have a system for returning call and emails quickly.  Follow up and follow thru.
  • Keep good notes from each call and meeting.  Use a tracker system to keep track of dates. 
  • Survey your customers to discover their level of satisfaction with your company.  Remember, when it comes to customer satisfaction – the customer’s perception is reality.
  • Over-deliver.  Develop a reputation for reliability, only promise what you can deliver.

By going the extra mile, you set your company apart from the competition.  Growing a portfolio of happy customers.

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