Factoring for the Un-bankable

loan application denied by a bank

Getting a loan for a business has become exceedingly challenging as the Covid economy rolls on.  Banks have become very cautious, as so many of their customers have experienced financial difficulty.  Not only are fewer new loans being approved, many current bank customers are not having their loans renewed.  Many businesses have experienced a loss […]

Factoring Becomes More Important

business invoice factoring

Banks reported tightening their lending requirements on all types of business loans in the second quarter as quarantine related shutdowns plunged the economy into recession.  Demand for all types of business loans fell, according to the Federal Reserve.  Banks reported that their lending standards are now at the “tighter end of the range” of standards […]

Surviving a Slow Paying Customer

invoice folder with a note that says unpaid

Having a big company as a customer is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing having a large stable customer that provides a steady flow of purchase orders.  However, being a supplier for a large corporation also has a set of unique challenges not faced when doing business with smaller companies. Asymmetry in […]

What Happens When the PPP Runs Out

paycheck protection program loan form

Since April, the SBA has loaned over $500 billion.  This huge number has softened the blow the economy would have taken due to the shutdown.  As helpful as the PPP is, companies are now finding themselves again strapped for cash. Most of our clients at American Receivable were able to secure a loan thru the […]

What’s Holding You Back?

Young woman working from home

Every business owner is constantly managing the economic principal of scarcity.  All owners of small to medium size enterprises are juggling not having enough time, employees, orders or working capital.  It is in this stressful environment that business owners decide where to invest their limited resources.  Spending too much time focusing on sales could mean […]

Are Credit Cards the Best Way to Finance your Business?

Woman using a credit card

The Dangerous Allure of Credit Card Financing Many entrepreneurs start their business with a little bit of personal savings, some friends and family money, and a couple of credit cards.  Credit cards are relatively easy to obtain and easier to use.  So, it’s not surprising that business owners rely on them for daily expenses. A […]

What is a UCC Lien?

large stacks of paperwork

Business owners must learn a new language when shopping for financing.  The lending industry jargon is confusing and can even be misleading.  One phrase that will be new to the entrepreneur is UCC Lien.  It sounds bad!  Liens are bad, right?  Liens show up when bills are past due.  Liens might show up when bills […]

Managing Working Capital

Experts believe that managing working capital and maintaining cash flow is the key to surviving as a small business.  This can be a challenge, especially in the early years.  Many businesses therefore, must rely on alternative financing resources to survive. The early years in business can be tough in in the best of times.  Most […]

Signs Your Business May Need a Makeover….

Are you in need of a Business Makeover… Financial management is the heartbeat of every business. Money comes in and goes out so it’s critical to ensure you’re following the right path to maintain a positive cash flow.  As most businesses grow, their customer base the supply chain becomes more complex. Attending to the books and […]

Financing vs Funding for Small Business

American Receivables - Financing vs Funding

Financing a business can be a challenge.  The old tradition of walking into the bank to get a loan has become more complicated.  You can no longer get a loan on a handshake.  As a small business owner, you may find that you do not qualify for a bank loan.  Banks require good credit and […]