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Reasons Why You Should Partner Only With Independently Owned Factoring Companies

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The longer you own and operate your business the more you value a partner that is on your side and always honest about what they can deliver.  For a growing business choosing the right factoring company makes all the difference between continued growth or hitting a wall.  Factoring companies have traditionally been independently owned and […]

Why Do Staffing Companies Use Factoring?

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Of the many challenges the owner of a staffing company faces, making payroll every week is the most critical.  Customers can take 30 to even 90 days to pay their invoices, but employees must be paid every Friday.  When a staffing company is growing this becomes an even bigger issue. Many staffing companies take advantage […]

Don’t Miss the Signals That Your Business Needs Revamping

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Whether you’re a production or a service company, the heartbeat of your company is the financial management. Money comes in and goes out quickly, it’s critical to ensure that all transactions are being recorded correctly. As your business grows, your customer base and your supply chain will become more complex. Keeping your financial records current […]