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Tips for managing your cash flow…..

Tips for managing your cash flow… Most businesses experience slow cash flow at some point in time.  Knowing how to prevent or handle this situation can be a challenge for even the savviest business person.  Here are some tips to help navigate through these choppy waters: Before doing business with a company check a potential […]

Has e-commerce killed customer service?

Has e-commerce killed customer service? The internet has changed the way most of us go about our daily lives.  From buying on-line to banking and bill paying, we no longer have personal contact with these services as we once did.   The role of customer service has changed too, as customers rely on websites and automation […]

Factoring works…..

Factoring works….. For years small businesses have had few places to turn if they were seeking financing and were turned down by the bank.  New and small businesses typically have a much harder time acquiring traditional loans to cover day-to-day operating costs much less additional cash to purchase new equipment or supplies.  Fortunately factoring has […]