Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

2014’s Most Stressful Jobs

Many people think they have the most stressful job, and almost every job has its unique brand of stress. But there are some jobs that are just far more stressful than others. Is yours one of them?

Each year various agencies release their list of the least and most stressful jobs. Below are the most stressful jobs of 2014 as published by starting with the jobs that have the most stress down to jobs with the least stress:

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

2. Surgeon

3. Firefighter

4. Commercial Airline Pilot

5. Police Officer

6. Registered Nurse

7. Emergency Dispatcher

8. Newspaper Reporter

9. Social Worker

10. Teacher

Stress at work can be caused by lots of things, like tight deadlines, long hours, and dangerous conditions.  No matter what your profession there will always be stress.  Learning how to manage that stress is, however, up to you.

By Anne Capps
Executive Vice President – American Receivable


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