#1 Factoring Company in Texas

Approval in as Little as 24 Hours – No Long-Term Contracts or Up Front Fees

American Receivable is your #1 factoring company in Texas. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping small to mid- sized businesses in Texas get the immediate cash they need to meet their day-to-day operational demands.

Factoring is an approved financing method that allows businesses to improve their cash flow by providing them with an unlimited line of operating capital based on their existing accounts receivables, not their credit worthiness.

Factoring is the ideal solution for credit-squeezed companies and those undergoing reorganization, as well as those that may not meet the stringent approval criteria required for traditional bank financing. We also provide a number of value-added services, including free Dun and Bradstreet reports and collection services for clients, which provides them with more time to focus on the day–to-day activities of their business, not collections activities.

Call us at 800-297-6652 to learn how Invoice Factoring can benefit your business

American Receivable is one of the few self-funded, owner-managed accounts receivable factoring companies in Texas.

Learn more about us at What Makes Us Better, or find out more about our Management Team.

Unlike bank financing, factoring, also referred to as invoice factoring, and receivable factoring, does not increase your debt position. This provides our clients the opportunity to return to bank financing with improved credit-worthiness upon completion of the factoring relationship.

Benefits of Factoring

  • No Up Front Costs
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Lengthy Bank Audits
  • No Limitations on How You Use Your Factoring Funds
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Immediate Funding Upon Approval – Usually Within 24 Hours

Visit our What is Invoice Factoring page to learn to see if it might help your business.

Office Location

American Receivable
12655 N Central Expressway, Suite 675
Dallas, TX 75243

972.404.4726 – phone
972.404.7016 – fax

Toll Free 1-800-297-6652


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