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Texas Invoice Factoring:  Empowering Businesses Across the Lone Star State 

When someone mentions Texas, a myriad of iconic images floods the mind: the smoky aroma of Bar-B-Que wafting through the air, vast open spaces stretching as far as the eye can see, majestic longhorns roaming freely, and fields of vibrant blue bonnets swaying in the breeze. Texas embodies a spirit of independence, resilience, and entrepreneurship, […]

Dallas Staffing Companies Grow With Factoring

dallas staffing company

Invoice factoring is a popular way to finance growing staffing companies without going into debt.  Staffing agencies sell their accounts receivable to the factoring company and get the cash they need to operate without having to wait for their customers to pay. American Receivable has a flexible factoring program that keeps the staffing company in […]