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5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for a Successful 2024! 

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Hey there, fellow business enthusiasts! As we stand on the cusp of a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past and gear up for the future. Here are five tips to ensure your business is not just ready but primed for success in 2024. Now, let’s talk about securing the financial […]

How Invoice Factoring Helped Triple A Metal Survive the Oil Bust and Thrive

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In the tumultuous world of business, unforeseen challenges can arise at any moment, threatening the stability of even the most well-established companies. One such industry that experienced a profound downturn was the oil and gas sector, causing a ripple effect that impacted countless businesses across the United States. However, amidst the chaos of the oil […]

Set Up Your Business For Success

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More that 625,000 small businesses are started every year.  Each one represents the business owner’s belief that their company will succeed and thrive in the marketplace.  Sadly, almost half of these companies will close within five years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Here are few tips to help you stack the odds in […]

Could Your Business be a Target of Financial Fraud?

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Cyber attacks against small businesses are sophisticated schemes perpetrated by tech savvy criminals. Criminals use legitimate looking emails, malicious software and social media to obtain login credentials to businesses’ accounts.  From there they are able to transfer funds from the accounts and steal private information.  It’s more than identity theft it’s a fraud referred to […]

Will Factoring Affect My Customers

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If you are searching for funding for your business, you should consider invoice accounts receivable factoring.  Also known as invoice factoring, you sell your outstanding accounts receivable to your factor, so you don’t have to wait for your customers to pay you.  Many business owners look for a factoring company that has a good reputation […]

The Cash Flow Struggle

The Cash Flow Struggle Cash flow is essential to any growing business.  When cash flow slows down, it can cause the business to drop revenues or completely fail.  In order to keep from failing, business owners have to look at their business practices and figure out what is causing the cash deficit.  There are many […]