Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday worth it?

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday worth it?

With all the hype about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you would think most Americans would be gearing up for a marathon shopping spree.  According to a most Americans will forego two of the biggest shopping days of the year.

The study found about 28 percent of Americans expect to shop at a store on Black Friday.  Add in online shopping that day, about 40 percent said they would make some purchases on Black Friday. Consumers are well-aware that deep discounts will be offered throughout the holiday shopping season and those who do expect to shop plan on spending a few hundred dollars apiece.

About 25 percent of people surveyed said they would make online purchases on Cyber Monday. And of those who said they would, spending was projected to be a bit less than those headed out on Black Friday.

Shoppers of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday surveyed are equally divided about how they plan to pay for their purchases.  About 43 percent said they would pay with their debit cards — a similar percentage said they would use credit cards.

Data and credit breaches that have occurred over the past couple of years have made consumers hyper-conscious of where they spend their hard earned money.  Retailers are promising enhanced security measures this shopping season hoping to put shopper’s fears to rest.


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