American Receivable Corporation celebrates 35 years…..

American Receivable Corporation celebrates 35 years…..

35 years ago this month American Receivable Corporation opened its office in Dallas and began helping businesses seeking factoring services.

In the early years there were no sophisticated factoring software programs, email, or internet.  What we did have were thermal fax machines and a rudimentary pegboard accounting system.  Most clients hand delivered there invoices to our office and we cherished getting to know each through their daily or weekly office visits.   Despite the minimal business trappings our company thrived and was able to make a difference to the clients we served.

Since 1979 American Receivable Corporation has evolved with technology.  Computer systems have taken place of the pegboard and the internet and email have replaced personal delivery.  What hasn’t changed is American Receivable’s business philosophy or ethics.  Our honest, practical approach to factoring and our sincere interest in our clients has propelled us through the decades.  Our clients are our success.

       American Receivable Corporation, proudly serving Texas and the Southwest for 35 years. 


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