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Control Your Factoring Costs

More and more companies are turning to invoice factoring to finance growth and smooth out their cash flow. Factoring invoices use to be almost exclusive to the furniture and garment industries. It is now prevalent in manufacturing, healthcare staffing, oilfield services, IT staffing, service industries, fabrication, warehouse staffing, telecommunications, and security providers. Business owners benefit […]

Set Up Your Business For Success

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More that 625,000 small businesses are started every year.  Each one represents the business owner’s belief that their company will succeed and thrive in the marketplace.  Sadly, almost half of these companies will close within five years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Here are few tips to help you stack the odds in […]

Invoice Factoring Versus Traditional Bank Loans

invoice factoring versus bank loan

We get asked a lot the differences between obtaining financing at a bank and using a factoring company?  As business owners are looking for additional financial sources, whether to take advantage of growth opportunities or to fight off increasing inflationary pressures, it’s important to choose the financing source that will best fit your needs. Traditional […]

Examine Your Funding Options

Reviewing documentation

As banks become more conservative in their lending practices many business owners are turning to alternative lenders to meet their financing needs.  Business owners can quickly be overwhelmed by all the web-based business lenders.  Many of these lenders will deluge a business owner with requests for bank statements and offers to take money today.  Some […]

Six Reasons To Use the Best Factoring Company

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Asking a bank for a working capital loan is one way to give your company the additional cash it needs.  However, the days of easy credit are over, and banks have tightened their lending standards.  Many business owners are turning to alternative financial sources, like factoring.  Invoice factoring is a good solution since it dramatically […]