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How Austin Companies Are Growing With Factoring

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Austin companies, are discovering the many benefits of factoring their accounts receivable. A variety of industries, including warehouse and healthcare staffing, oil field service companies,  manufacturing and fabrication companies are all enjoying the advantages of factoring. Cash Flow – It takes money to make money! Austin companies are enjoying a thriving economy and many companies […]

What is Invoice Factoring?

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The Code of Hammurabi, written in 1792 BC, has the earliest record of invoice factoring, the Roman industry of buying and selling promissory notes. The American Colonies were built on the back of factors, advancing monies for shipments headed back to Europe. Factoring is the sale of the right to collect cash owed on your […]

Dallas is Hot… Austin is Hotter

Summer has started early in Texas.  Our office has stayed busy as more companies from Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin have reached out to us for factoring.  We have seen both start-up companies and established businesses that have turned to us.  In Austin, a ten year old security guard service was struggling with a burdensome MCA.  […]

A Big Win for Texas

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More Fortune 500 companies are now headquartered in Texas than any other state.  This bit of great news is confirmation of Texas’s business friendly policies.  Last week Illinois based Caterpillar announced it was moving its headquarters to Irving, Texas. All these relocations are adding to a growing Texas economy. These companies will require office space, […]

Find Fast Cash for Growing Companies

Every business owner knows that happiness is a positive cash flow!  But entrepreneurs can be caught in cash crunch when there are unexpected expenses or customers pay their invoices late.  The long term fix for this is a detailed examination of every expense, an analysis of pricing and considering additional financing.  This is a time […]

Five Ways To Prepare for a Recession

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Economists generally define a recession by a fall in Gross Domestic Product for two successive quarters. Harry Truman had a more concrete definition, “If your neighbor gets laid off, it’s a recession. If you get laid off, it’s a depression.” Savvy business owners are preparing for an economic slowdown, without knowing it’s length or severity. […]

American Receivable Corporation Announces New Location in Austin, TX

American Receivable, the Top Rated  factoring company, is expanding its enterprise and has opened a new business development office in Austin, Texas.  The office is manned by Dakota Stieber who is starting his twelfth year with ARC.  Dakota started his career at American Receivable in the back office and has moved up to Vice President […]

Austin Entrepreneurs Finding Success with American Receivable

“When you’re thirsty, it’s too late to start digging a well.”  This is also true for building a relationship with an Austin factoring company.  By starting your search for the right invoice factoring company before you have a desperate need, will allow you to make a thorough investigation and chose the factor that works best […]

Are You Ready to Be An Entrepreneur?

It takes many skills to start and manage your own company.  Many founders wish they had learned some of those skills in school instead of on the job. Whether trying to land a new client or manage employees, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with situations they were not trained to handle.  In hindsight, many founders wish […]