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How to Afford Your New Contract

Don’t Let Cash Flow Issues Get In the Way of Opportunity Congratulations!  You finally landed that big contract you have been pursuing, the one that will launch your company to the big time!  Before you break out the champagne have you done a quick cash flow analysis to make sure you can afford this big […]

What is a UCC Lien?

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Business owners must learn a new language when shopping for financing.  The lending industry jargon is confusing and can even be misleading.  One phrase that will be new to the entrepreneur is UCC Lien.  It sounds bad!  Liens are bad, right?  Liens show up when bills are past due.  Liens might show up when bills […]

2020 is Faster than Ever

American Receivable Corporation has had a great start to its 4th decade! We have underwritten and funded 7 companies in the staffing industry and a men’s grooming manufacture.  We continue to see growing demand for our factoring services in the healthcare staffing industry.  All these new clients were established businesses and needed additional capital to […]

What every SME needs to know about Factoring

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A recent survey by SCORE found that over 80% of business closings was caused by cash-flow issues.  Even successful business can run short of cash when customers are slow to pay.  This is especially true in industries that have extended terms, such as warehouse staffing, IT staffing, healthcare staffing, nurse staffing, manufacturing, fabrication, wholesale/distribution. Factoring […]