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24 Oct
Building A Customer Focused Business

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Building A Customer Focused Business

What is the #1 asset in your business? Your customers, of course! They provide the revenue that keeps your business afloat and enables growth. Without your customers, you would not be in business.
Who does not like to feel familiar and appreciated? People in general like to be acknowledged and made to feel that they matter. The same goes for business. Getting to know your customers personally and showing interest in their business will make them more likely to stay with you. Personal attention is crucial and will result in referrals to other prospective customers. People who know your business and hold you in high regard are the best referrals.
Building a customer focused business is easy.  Focus on the customer, first.
1.  Get acquainted with your customer and learn about their business.  Understand their needs and show them how you can offer support.
2.  Be accessible.  When customers call, they want immediate answers  A customer focused business will have someone answering the phone and directing them to the appropriate person to solve any issues or  handle other needs.  Lack of accessibility will result in the     customer moving their business to your competitors.          
3.  Listen and understand questions and concerns.  Show them you are interested in them and their business and finding solutions for their issues.
4.  Do them a favor.  Customers  will often call with a critical request that may be against normal protocol. Don’t make it a habit, but accommodate them when the request is feasible. Be clear that this is not usually something you do, but that you want to help  and will make an exception this time. Accommodating them will show them that you really are focused on their needs.
Remember, the success of your business is a result of your customer’s success.

More Tips On Building a Customer-Focused Company

1. Fathom for a particular client need.

Sarah Nahm manufactured her organization in 2017 to tackle a bothering issue in the tech business. In a meeting with Business Insider, Nahm said Silicon Valley organizations were experiencing difficulty procuring and holding workers, so she made Lever to help. Switch is a simple to-utilize device that helps organizations recognize top ability, yet in addition feature the general population who might be well on the way to remain with the organization. In the meeting, Nahm says she "lives" for interfacing organizations to the correct individuals at the opportune time.

By tackling explicit issues for its clients, Lever has had the option to work through a spot in Silicon Valley. Forbes assessments Lever has more than 1,300 clients and made more than $20 million in income. Moreover, Nahm has had the option to raise more than $62 million from speculators due to her client centered methodology.

2. Continuously search for item enhancements.

Paul Burke is the CEO of an advanced substance creation organization called Guru, which enables social establishments, to like exhibition halls, draw in visitors. Master is an organization that always searches for approaches to improve its item, and it utilizes its help channels to support an open criticism circle with clients. At the point when asked by Digital Media Update for what good reason the organization will succeed, Burke noticed that it will be because of "continually endeavoring to make [the] item better."

During a similar meeting, Burke said he trusts Guru is "an accomplice to social foundations, not a seller." Therefore, the organization can adjust its items and improve the customer's prosperity. This outlook has demonstrated viable, as Guru as of late won the San Diego Venture Group's yearly contribute fest 2017.

3. Make the client part of the brand.

Glossier is one of the world's quickest developing magnificence marks that is gained over $52 million in financial specialist subsidizing. By first captivating legitimately with shoppers, Glossier's CEO, Emily Weiss, perceived a requirement for moderate, astounding excellence items. In a meeting with The Business of Fashion, Weiss ascribed her prosperity to how she had the option to make the client feel like piece of the brand.

In a similar meeting, Weiss noticed that "60% of Americans depend on distributed proposals" when purchasing a wonder item. Along these lines, she formed the Into the Gloss blog to "give ladies voices to be their very own specialists." By incorporating the client's voice in its substance, Glossier increased more than one million Instagram devotees in only three years. Subsequent to building a network on her first blog, Weiss then utilized the stage as a crowd of people when she propelled the main Glossier items.

4. Be proactive when conveying organization changes.

In 2015, TapInfluence enlisted Promise Phelon to help quicken the progress of the organization from oversaw administrations into a SaaS organization. The organization previously had a huge client base, and Phelon had the test of presenting radical change while limiting client stir.

To do as such, Phelon was proactive in imparting these progressions to her clients. She started by distinguishing the most significant records and afterward worked with them to guarantee they were content with the new administrations. In a Forbes blog entry, Phelon stated, "it was significant that [they] worked with them to deal with the progress from oversaw administrations to SaaS."

On account of her endeavors, TapInfluence had the option to experience a smooth progress into SaaS. It held around 95% of its clients and, as per Crunchbase, got a $14 million venture a year after Phelon's enlisting.

5. Go well beyond with client administration.

Zappos is an online retailer that utilizations client administration to separate itself from its rivals. Each client administration delegate at Zappos is required to fulfill the client regardless of the expense. In his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, stated, "We should never lose our feeling of direness in making upgrades. We should never agree to 'sufficient,' on the grounds that great is the foe of extraordinary. "

Zappos doesn't avoid this conviction either, as administration reps are relied upon to spend in any event 80% of their day talking with clients. On the off chance that a client is despondent, the rep has the specialist to discount buys, convey free items, or give a one of a kind settlement. This fabricates a forceful passionate association with their clients who feel Zappos really values their business.

This philosophy has satisfied for Zappos as the organization hit $1 billion in deals during its initial 10 years. In 2015, Forbes detailed the organization surpassed $2 billion in yearly income.

6. Develop trust with your clients.

Brendan Candon, originator and CEO of SidelineSwap, is a millennial businessperson with a nearby association with his intended interest group. His organization enables competitors to purchase and sell utilized donning hardware, and as an ex-school competitor, Candon perceived individual competitors' worries of "ensuring there is trust in the commercial center." Candon talks about structure that trust in a meeting with MarketScale this year.

To make an arrangement of trust in an individual to-individual market, Candon concentrated on taking care of issues before clients turned out to be increasingly baffled. Workers would contact purchasers and merchants to get their input on the client experience. At that point, workers would talk about repeating subjects and set up help alarms for when barricades were probably going to happen.

This appears to have been powerful, as Crunchbase reports that over 17K clients download the application every month. Owler likewise reports that Sideline Swap creates more than $1 million in yearly income.

7. React to the adjustments in your industry

Jay McHarge is the CEO of a biopharma coordinations organization called AeroSafe. Because of an adjustment in the biopharma bundling industry, McHarge was looked with two choices for his organization: either proceed with what they were doing or make a huge difference. McHarge picked the last when he saw a chance to change the organization from bundling to conveyance coordinations.

"It was for the most part the customers, them revealing to us what they required and us tuning in," McHarge told the Chief Executive Group in a meeting this year. Rather than adhering to an obsolete item, McHarge moved the organization to a markdown coordinations administration which profited their present clients. Thusly, McHarge spared the organization, as Owler reports AeroSafe is currently returning around $11 million in yearly income.

8. Hunger for your clients' input.

Q10 Consultancy is an European promoting consultancy that enables independent company to develop. Martine Nierman, CEO of Q10 Consultancy, qualities the accomplishment of her organization to her clients' criticism. She utilizes roundtable occasions and NPS® studies to gauge client experience. She guarantees this criticism is her organization's guide for planning and improving items. In a video on Q10 Consultancy's site, Martine says she "needs [customer] input to develop much further to turn into the best item."

By wanting client criticism, Q10 Consultancy has developed from a benefit the executives apparatus into a marking mechanization stage. Through the span of three years, Q10 consultancy has opened six new workplaces and has turned into a worldwide showcasing organization.

9. Put resources into your representatives' development.

ThinkLions is a product organization that creates applications and enables new businesses to get financed. Its CEO, Mike Sims, trusts one remarkable quality of the organization is its emphasis on preparing workers. Since numerous organizations, similar to ThinkLions, can't enlist huge staffs, Sims centers around giving careful preparing.

Sims continually makes new trainings and searches for various chances to teach laborers about the business. At the point when gotten some information about his methodology by Forbes, Simms stated, "they can manufacture their aptitudes and capacities, which advances them expertly while quickly profiting [his] business."

10. The client's experience is critical.

Brian Halligan, prime supporter and CEO of HubSpot, fabricated his organization by concentrating on the client's involvement. In a meeting with Slush, Halligan discusses the move in power among purchasers and dealers. Rather than utilizing a business rep, clients would now be able to discover all the data they need alone. He takes note of that, rather than having a superior attempt to sell something, presently "your client experience must be multiple times superior to your opposition."

To achieve this, HubSpot gives a broad onboarding procedure to its superior clients, alongside every minute of every day bolster channels. HubSpot likewise gives self-administration bolster archives and committed record chiefs for certain clients. HubSpot even has a Customer Code that layouts how it means to treat its clients.

Starting at 2017, HubSpot has increased more than 23K clients in more than 90 nations, and the organization detailed a 39% expansion in income somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2017.

23 May
How Technology Has Improved Invoice Factoring

How Technology Has Improved Invoice Factoring

In today’s time, many people cannot imagine running a business without the aid of technology, and the evolution of technology has changed the way we do business on a daily basis. Computers, software, apps, video, etc. have allowed companies to expand their businesses well beyond the borders of their home base. For factoring, it has created endless possibilities for how and where business can be done.

In the late 70’s early 80’s as factoring was just coming to light as one of the newest options to assist businesses with cash flow, everything, for the most part, was done by hand, limiting the amount of business that a factoring company could take on. Because computers were relatively new to the business world and incredibly expensive, many companies used what they knew best, pen and paper. It took hours to process schedules, write checks, post payments and create and sign contracts. Face to face time was not lacking and allowed companies to build relationships with their clients, but it limited the number of clients one could take on.

As technology advanced, the factoring industry began to explode. Software programs began to take the place of pen and paper, allowing for more information to be processed faster, giving companies the ability to take on more clients. The use of email was a game changer for all industries. Faster communication with their clients created an avenue for growth. While face-to-face time is often lost, factoring companies could now expand their factoring efforts across the US and beyond. Online banking has given clients the ability to be funded immediately, right into their bank accounts. Social media has given the freedom to advertise and reach mass markets reducing marketing budgets.

Technology is an ever-advancing force that will continue to allow companies and industries to push beyond what they ever thought was possible. Factoring has grown exponentially and will only continue to reap the benefits that technology has to offer benefiting small businesses across the world. While technology has its positives and negatives, in the world of business, it’s again for everyone.

Why Technology Has Turned Invoice Factoring into the Superior Financing Option

The elective business loaning (financing) space has and keeps on observing noteworthy change driven to a limited extent by more prominent access to information, new innovation, upgrades in existing innovation.

It has additionally gotten a lift from the rise of new capital suppliers that are happy to help financing organizations that are utilizing non-customary models to access credit.

With these changes, there are presently more alternatives than any other time in recent memory for organizations to get to capital, and there's more challenge in the business.

At last, there will be victors and failures. For considering organizations to be on the triumphant side and to flourish, they should keep on holding fast to the proven credit rules.

These organizations should likewise be eager to grasp and rapidly actualize new advancements and instruments that can improve the customer experience and improve approaches and practices for guaranteeing and hazard the board. The following are a portion of these apparatuses and a portrayal of how they can be utilized.

Bank Data Access

Outsider suppliers, for example, Yodlee, through API's are currently ready to give fund organizations about continuous access to bank information. In spite of the fact that generally, bank information has not been vigorously used by calculating organizations, access to this information can be a very important device. When the bank information is accessible, the factor must choose how to best exploit it.

Restrictive programming can be utilized to use the information or this can be redistributed. Coming up next are instances of how this information can be utilized:

Income Verification and Assessment of General Health of the Prospect

Much of the time for littler arrangements, financials are not required as a major aspect of the due determination bundle. At the point when financials are given, they are frequently not evaluated or explored and may not be totally solid. Bank information can be promptly used to confirm money related detailing and to make an appraisal of the general strength of the organization. In the event that financials are not given, income direction, NSF's, normal record parity, and installments every month to funders/moneylenders are generally factors that can be dissected in the bank information to evaluate monetary quality. By utilizing this information to survey budgetary quality, a funder can settle on a superior financing choice while putting to a lesser extent an announcing load on the prospect.

Recognizing Fraud

Bank information being gotten legitimately from the bank is about outlandish, if not absolutely unimaginable, to produce. For existing organizations, bank information can be utilized to approve that the organization is genuine and has been working. Installments from account holders can be found in bank information and can be utilized to substantiate those connections.

Hazard Management of Clients

Access to bank information once a customer is on boarded is additionally important. In the first place, this entrance enables a factor to rapidly distinguish indebted person installments that are misled. Also, it permits the calculating organization to quickly recognize extra credits/MCA's that are taken out by the customer. Third, it enables the factor to rapidly recognize charges that could show high hazard. for example, withdrawals at club or individual costs. In conclusion, the bank information can be utilized to distinguish a crumbling credit. In every one of these cases, the factor is in a superior position to proactively address issues when they emerge.

Interface with Accounting Software

A critical number of the bookkeeping programming organizations that serve little to medium size organizations enable outsiders to interface straightforwardly with the client's bookkeeping framework. By just synchronizing the frameworks, the factor can increase quick and on-going access to money related detailing, including asset reports, benefit and misfortune proclamations, A/R agings, and A/P agings. Like bank information, the calculating organization can pick how it might want to utilize and investigate this information. It can essentially pull the announcing and physically guarantee or audit a borrower's financials, or it could make the following stride and use programming to aid the investigation of the data and potentially even in a ultimate choice making. Advantages of this incorporate the accompanying:

Decline Workload on Prospect During Due Diligence

When access is given to the prospect's bookkeeping framework, the factor can dismantle required answering to the degree conceivable. This straightforwardly diminishes the authoritative weight of the prospect. Entrepreneurs and their officials will in general be amazingly bustling individuals. Time is a profitable asset. By sparing the organizations time, considering turns into an increasingly focused item.

Speed of Initial Line Approval

Endorsement time will probably be quicker since the factor won't need to look out for mentioned data. Furthermore, if a factor decides to make the following stride of not just increasing direct access to the prospect's bookkeeping framework yet additionally in utilizing programming to help in the investigation, the speed of endorsement can be fundamentally improved. Programming can perform such undertaking as distinguishing contra accounts, figuring weakening, computing DSO, and so on. Not exclusively will this ability take into consideration a quicker endorsement, yet it can likewise set aside the factor cash by taking into account its financiers to be progressively effective.

Simplicity of Submission of Invoices

With an immediate connect to the customer's bookkeeping framework, the factor can naturally transfer solicitations for subsidizing. An electronic task calendar can be used. With this capacity, the customer can submit solicitations with a tick of a catch. This reductions the authoritative weight of financing on the customer.

Hazard Management of Clients

When a customer is on boarded, it is regularly hard for an independent company to remain current on detailing necessities. Along these lines, factors are regularly in the position where they are either bothering existing customers about giving refreshed revealing or factors are simply settling on the choice to support regardless of announcing prerequisites not being met. Direct access to the clients bookkeeping programming tackles this issue. With this set up, variables can generally have the latest budgetary data so as to settle on the most reasonable subsidizing choices and can get to it without the customer legitimately giving. Likewise, with the assistance of programming that can give constant examination on the accessible data, the factor can be alarmed when another hazard is distinguished.

Coordinating Third Party Service Providers with Factoring Software

Coordination of outsider specialist co-ops with figuring programming takes into consideration continuous basic leadership, diminishes the weight of manual surveys, and can in the long run enable calculating organizations to turn out to be progressively computerized. Instances of kinds of outsider specialist organizations and the advantage of coordinating are recorded underneath:

Duty Monitoring Providers

With coordination with a duty observing organization, a factor would never again must be on a post for email alarms or need to audit expense screen revealing every month. Rather, if another assessment risk or lien is discovered, the factor could set a standard to solidify future fundings until issue has been tended to.

Borrower Credit Resources

Overseeing borrower credit can be to some degree asset serious. By incorporating calculating programming with indebted person credit assets (DNB, YahooFinance, Experian, and so forth.) account holder credit can in the end be generally mechanized. Regardless of whether not completely robotized, alarms can be set so changes in indebted person credit can be all the more immediately tended to.

Corporate and Debtor Monitoring Providers

Like combination with expense checking supplier, coordination with a corporate and borrower (account holder being customer for this situation) observing supplier wipes out the requirement for manual surveys or observing of email cautions. This combination can likewise guarantee that upon a negative change in an element's standing or for the situation that another UCC is recorded on the indebted person that the framework can naturally solidify fundings to the customer until the issue has been settled.


Organizations currently have more alternatives than any time in recent memory when looking for another financing accomplice. New fintech loan specialists are utilizing better than ever innovation and apparatuses and are presently a genuine focused risk to the considering business. In any case, components can endure and flourish in the present condition by proceeding to utilize reasonable credit strategies and by grasping and actualizing new innovations that improve chance administration and that enable the financing of organizations to be straightforward, quick, and simple.

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