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16 Jul
American Receivable Corporation Ranked #1 Factoring Company

American Receivable logoAmerican Receivable has been ranked the #1 factoring company in the country

Dallas, TX, July 11, 2018 –(

For 39 years Mr. Stieber and Mr. Gurney have grown a company that is receiving more and more recognition for being the best in class. Hiring the right people has been the key to their success. With an average tenure of over 20 years, the staff at American Receivable consistently delivers superior service.

American Receivable has been ranked # 1 Factoring Company nationally for three consecutive years by Top Ten Review. review also named American Receivable #1:

“American Receivable is an excellent service with good rates, no extra fees and strong support. It has no commitment minimums and offers non-recourse factoring, making this service the best in our lineup.”

“We reached out to American Receivable to test its customer service. The people we spoke with were knowledgeable and professional. They knew how to answer our questions and were quick to respond to our inquiries. We didn’t have any trouble getting in touch with them.”

“Our 2018 research and evaluation of factoring services leads us to again recommend American Receivable as the best factoring service for small business. American Receivable has been in the factoring game since 1979, offering its flexible factoring services at competitive rates.”

“American Receivable ranks very high in customer service. They are valued as a being informative and having a genuine interest in helping customers grow their business.”

Accounts receivable factoring offers a number of benefits over traditional bank financing.  Give us a call at (972) 404-4726 to learn how factoring can help improve cash flow for your business or click here to get a quick quote.

29 Jun
8 Ways to Increase Profits for Your Small Business

small business ownerAs a small businesses owner, you no doubt spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase profits While increasing sales and revenue typically receive the most attention, looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and improve your cash flow can also help you increase profits.

Assuming you’re already pulling all the right strings to maximize your revenue for your small business, the following are eight simple ways you can reduce expenses without compromising on quality.

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20 Jun
Responsibility in the Workplace

Responsibility in the Workplace

Business owners must have employees with strong skills working for them. They must be able to delegate to those employees.  As an employee of a business, you have a responsibility to the company to do your job well.  What is responsibility?  It is made up of two words, response and ability.  What that means is that you must respond to requests, unexpected problems, and to your tasks using your ability to do just that.   Your ability to respond well and successfully is your responsibility. Read More “Responsibility in the Workplace”

31 May
5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive During Uncertain Times

house of cards5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive During Uncertain Times

Starting and running a small business has never been easy.  It takes a lot of grit and determination even in the best of times.  And while most experts agree that the landscape has improved in recent years, there’s still a lot of uncertainty.  Changes in the tax code, unrest in the Middle East, the uncertain future of the European Union, and other events can have a ripple effect that can impact small businesses in virtually every industry.

Here are five tips every small business owner can use to ensure they thrive during the uncertain times we find ourselves in today.

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29 May
The Value of Dedicated Account Managers

factoring account manager shaking hands with clientThe Value of Dedicated Account Managers

Financing is the #1 requisite for any business to grow and keep a positive cash flow.  There are many options to look at for financing a business including traditional bank loans or alternative options such as factoring. Once the financing is in place, that relationship will continue as you grow and manage your business.  It is important to know who will be handling your account going forward. One thing to remember as a business owner is that as your business continues to grow and stabilize, your needs will be ever-changing.

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22 May
Credit is Crucial

Applying for small business creditCredit-worthy customers are crucial to any business.  As a business owner, it is important to limit your own credit risk, practice due diligence regarding your customer’s creditworthiness, and refrain from extending credit that is beyond profit margins.

Customers at risk for not paying your invoices put your business at risk.  Confirming the credit-worthiness of your customers before you enter into a business relationship should be a routine business practice and there are a good number of companies that can provide credit services.    Read More “Credit is Crucial”

08 May

shaking handsRelationships

American Receivable Corporation considers their relationships within the financial community to be one of its greatest assets. American Receivable’s relationships within the banking community and with professional CPA’s spans over 38 years These relationships have been mutually beneficial to us, bankers and CPAs as well as our factoring clients.

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30 Apr
Business Loan Terminology 101

business loan terminology

Business Loan Terminology 101

Whether you’ve got a proven track record, or you’re in the early stages of a new startup company, getting financing for your small business can be intimidating and a little confusing.  Having a thorough understanding of business loan terminology can make the process a little less overwhelming.  Here are some basic terms you need to understand when applying for business financing. Read More “Business Loan Terminology 101”

24 Apr
Factoring Technology

factoring technology

Factoring Technology

In today’s time, people cannot imagine running a business without the aid of technology. And the evolution of technology has changed the way we do business on a daily basis. Computers, software, apps, video, etc. have allowed companies to expand their businesses well beyond the borders of their home base. For factoring, it has created endless possibilities on how and where business can be done. Read More “Factoring Technology”

22 Apr
Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies

staffing company invoice factoring

Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies

American Receivable specializes in invoice factoring for staffing companies.  When staffing agencies experience cash flow problems, they typically turn to one of two methods to help get them back on track; business loans and invoice factoring.  In this article, we’ll go through the differences between the two to help you decide which is best for your staffing company’s needs. Read More “Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies”