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Factoring for Event Staffing Companies

invoice factoring staffing company

Event staffing companies have a unique set of challenges when it comes to factoring. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what factoring is, why it’s important for event staffing companies, and some tips for getting the most out of it. First, let’s define what factoring is. Essentially, factoring is the process […]

Online Funding

online funding

Online funding has become very popular with busy entrepreneurs.  The benefit of doing a few online searches and finding access to financial resources is a tremendous time saver.  What use to take weeks or months to accomplish can now be done in just a few days. ONLINE FACTORING Many business owners have benefited from online […]

5 Suggestions To Help You Start a Successful Business

invoice factoring for startups

Entrepreneurs know that starting a business takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.  Most entrepreneurs start a business that they are passionate about.  This passion is very helpful as the business will demand most of your time.  Passion and enthusiasm are important to starting a new business but keep these suggestions in mind to […]

Payroll Funding For Your Staffing Company

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Staffing companies are continuing to enjoy growing demand for their services.  The staffing industry suffered an 11% decline in overall revenue in 2020 as the entire economy shrunk.  2021 saw a 16% increase in revenue followed by a 4% increase for 2022.  Industry experts predict continued growth for staffing companies in 2023.  The forecast of […]

How Healthcare Staffing Companies Use Accounts Receivable Factoring

invoice factoring healthcare staffing companies

Healthcare staffing companies are faced with a unique set of financial challenges. They must constantly pay their employees, even when they are not receiving payment from their clients. This can create a significant cash flow gap that can be difficult to bridge without outside help. One solution that many healthcare staffing companies turn to is […]

10 Tips to Manage Your Cashflow

Cash Flow

Savvy business owners are constantly monitoring their cash flow.  They know that an unexpected bill or a delayed payment can stop production, or worse.  Monitoring how much cash is flowing in and flowing out is the only way to be certain that you will have enough cash on hand to meet your obligations.

Receivable Factoring for Manufacturing Companies

invoice factoring for manufacturing companies

Receivable factoring is a financial tool that allows manufacturing companies to receive immediate payment for the goods and services they provide, rather than having to wait for their clients to pay their invoices. Here’s how receivable factoring works: There are several benefits to using receivable factoring for manufacturing companies: Overall, receivable factoring can be a […]

Fund Your Payroll With Receivables Factoring

small business

Business owners are constantly solving problems.  Having to improvise when a crucial shipment is delayed, rearrange work schedules when an employee is sick, and working extra hours when a project is running late.  Having enough money for the next payroll is a problem that will keep many an entrepreneur up at night.  Count the Costs […]