When A Factoring Company Helps The Most

Factoring for small business

Entrepreneurs continue to start new businesses at a steady rate.  For many people, the goal of owning their own company, being their own boss is the driving force.  Others want to create more jobs and deliver a better product or service to their customers.  One trait that all start-up businesses have is a limited amount […]

Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2022

This week we pause from daily routines and reflect on the blessings that makes our lives so rich.  Our families and friends, our terrific employees, amazing clients, trusted referral partners have all been vital to our success. We are especially grateful to factor a client who is helping transition people out of a homeless shelter.  […]

Four Common Misconceptions About Invoice Factoring

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The last two years has seen a record number of new businesses start.  This trend is continuing as more people decide that now is the time to pursue their dream of owning their own company.  With this tidal wave of new businesses, you’d think that access to working capital is abundantly available.  Not so, banks […]

Lessons Learned From Comparing

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Business owners can catch themselves comparing their business to other companies.  Most business owners will compare their business to more established and successful companies.  This rarely teaches the business owner any valuable lessons, besides to start your business with more capital and have a boardroom of successful investors.  Many lessons can be learned from struggling […]

Happiness Is Positive Cash Flow

cash flow

Entrepreneurs become masters of multi-tasking.  Planning new projects, making sure current tasks are on track, monitoring marketing and web-site results among other important tasks.  Staying on top of your company’s cash flow is even more important in today’s strained economy.  Contending with supply chain issues and labor shortages business owners cannot afford to be caught […]

Grow Your Staffing Agency With Invoice Factoring

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Today’s economy is offering more and more opportunities to staffing agencies. Companies are outsourcing entire departments while many individuals are looking for roles that are more flexible than working for a major corporation.  This creates a perfect environment to grow your staffing company.  What holds many staffing agencies back is their slow paying accounts receivable. […]

Finance With a Factoring Company or a Traditional Bank Loan?

invoice factoring dallas

As business owners search for additional working capital for their company, they often ask what is best for their company, factoring their invoices or taking on a traditional bank loan.  Both financing solutions have their place, and many businesses will actually use both forms of financing during their life span.  Here is a short guide […]