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Enhance Your Cash Flow In An Uncertain Economy

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Business owners are facing supply chain issues, a drop in consumer spending and an increase in the time it takes to customers to pay. This all adds up to additional challenges business owners face as they manage their cash flow. Now is the time to proactively strengthen your cash flow. These tips should help. Use […]

How Factoring Companies Help Your Business

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How does your company get the money it needs to grow?  The most stable growth for the business owner comes from accounts receivable and invoicing.  Before you can grow a business, you have to first have the consistent cash flow to pay out daily operational expenses.  Entrepreneurs know that happiness is positive cash flow, that […]

Nine Key Reasons To Use Invoice Factoring

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Cash flow management is crucial to the success of any business.  Maintaining a positive cash flow is especially challenging for companies that offer credit terms to their customers.  Invoice factoring offers a viable solution to businesses as it bridges the time it takes your customers to pay. Here are nine reasons that more and more […]

Be Proactive To Get Paid Quicker

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When customers drag out their payments this puts a lot of pressure on the business because it limits their cash flow.  Positive cash flow is necessary for companies to continue operations and be successful. Slow paying customers can quickly turn positive cash flow to negative cash flow.  It’s important for the business owner to have […]

Prospect With Factoring Finance

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This economy is presenting more and more opportunities for small and midsized businesses (SMB) to win new contracts with large commercial enterprises.  Facing employment and supply chain challenges, big companies are turning to SMB for everything from staffing needs to inventory and more.  This good news for SMB comes with it owns challenge.  Fulfilling new […]

Best Factoring Company For Staffing Companies

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Meeting weekly payroll is often the biggest obstacle staffing companies face when growing their company. When business owners are awarded bigger contracts by their customers, the more money they will need to for payroll and operating expenses.  Staffing companies face tremendous cash flow pressure when they have to pay their employees weekly, but their customers […]

Overlooked Ways Businesses Can Reduce Costs

With inflation, supply chain issues and hiring problems, it’s no secret that times are tough for many businesses.  Business owners that are struggling to maintain a positive cash flow are constantly searching for way to reduce costs and stretch every dollar. These tips will help business owners run an efficient company in both challenging and […]