How Does Invoice Factoring Work

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Business owners are preparing for more activity as the economy reopens.  Deciding how finance their growth is always challenging.  As banks continue to focus on PPP loans business owners are looking for alternative lending.  Invoice factoring, or accounts receivable financing, is a transaction where a business sells its outstanding invoices to a factoring company at […]

Mold Your Business Around Trust and Integrity

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In today’s connected world customers have countless options at their fingertips when deciding who to do business with.  Customers have become more discriminating in who they do business with, that is why it so critical to gain your customers’ trust. Your company must succeed in three categories: product/service quality, customer interactions, and public concerns to […]

Could Your Business be a Target of Financial Fraud?

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Cyber attacks against small businesses are sophisticated schemes perpetrated by tech savvy criminals. Criminals use legitimate looking emails, malicious software and social media to obtain login credentials to businesses’ accounts.  From there they are able to transfer funds from the accounts and steal private information.  It’s more than identity theft it’s a fraud referred to […]

Invoice Factoring Terminologies

It seems every industry has its own insider language.  The invoice factoring industry is no exception.  If you’re a business owner looking for a factoring company to boost your cash flow; knowing the definition of some key words and phrases will help you find the factoring company that is the best fit for your business.  […]

Asset Based Lending vs. Factoring – Which Is Best for Your Business?

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Factoring is a type of asset based financing that is often confused with asset based lending.  While these products have some similarities, they are different.  This article helps you understand the differences between these products and helps you determine which one is best suited for your company. Factoring Factoring, also know as invoice factoring and […]