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Check Your Cash Flow

A woman checking her business cash flow

Its late spring in Texas.  And that means lots of yard work! Of course, being home all the time makes it easier to keep up with the mowing.  My mower’s oil leak is getting bad enough that it’s time for a serious repair. Your Finances Could Use A Spring Cleaning Right now, your company’s cash […]

Honesty is the Best Policy

man in suit taking an oath

Especially when applying for invoice factoring! From childhood we are taught to be honest.  But when it comes to filing out an application for financing business owners seem to forget that important early lesson. After submitting a factoring application, the accounts receivable financing companies’ job is to make sure your business is a good fit […]

Are Past Due Invoices Sinking your Cash Flow?

invoice past due

With today’s challenges business owners must maintain a laser focus on the fundamentals of their business.  Client relationships, employee well being and most importantly cash flow.  One of the most powerful tools is often the most neglected by the business owner is collections!  Contacting the customers that owe you money is vital to your company’s […]