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The Many Names For Factoring

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Selling accounts receivable to obtain short-term funds is called factoring, AR financing, AR discounting, and AR factoring.  Though it goes by many names factoring offers a fast solution to business owners who are facing a cash shortage.  The factoring company will base its decision, buy the accounts receivable based on the credit strength of the […]

Overlooked Relationships

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Welcome to 2020!  Most business owners will share a very similar list of goals for the New Year.  Trying to reduce costs, add customers, improve margins are resolutions most entrepreneurs share.  These goals are numbers oriented but they are all driven by relationships.  An often overlooked, but crucial relationship for the business owner is with […]

Is Invoice Factoring Right for Your Staffing Agency in 2020?

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Striving Towards Financial Stability in the New Decade  2020 has arrived, and for many companies the new year brings with it new goals to strive for over the coming months as well as the decade ahead. These ambitions can take a variety of different forms, but for many staffing agencies growing to accommodate more employees, and achieving financial success are among the list.   While there […]