Signs Your Business May Need a Makeover….

Are you in need of a Business Makeover… Financial management is the heartbeat of every business. Money comes in and goes out so it’s critical to ensure you’re following the right path to maintain a positive cash flow.  As most businesses grow, their customer base the supply chain becomes more complex. Attending to the books and […]

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Find Success with Invoice Factoring

The greatest challenge an entrepreneur or start up faces is raising capital to finance the new venture. Business plan in place, financing is the next step. A traditional business loan requires specific criteria, and most new businesses will not qualify. A traditional bank loan requires the business owner to have good credit and usually 2-3 […]

Obstacle – Anything That Impedes Progress or Achievement.

Man facing a brick wall

We run into obstacles in our daily lives and have to find ways to get by them and accomplish our end goal. Businesses frequently hit obstacles that get in the way of keeping the business on track for success. Start-ups have more obstacles when working to get their business going, but established businesses hit obstacles […]

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Business?

invoice factoring

Business owners trying to obtain working capital to finance their business operations usually apply for a small business loan or line of credit. But if they can’t get approved there are also some alternative finance options to help their company get a quick infusion of cash. One form of small business finance is invoice factoring […]