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What You Need to Know About an Income Statement

What You Need to Know About an Income Statement Let’s face it, many business owners who are busy with the daily routines of running the company, struggle with taking the time to fully understand accounting principles and terminology. Yet, there are important concepts to comprehend if we are going to run a profitable and successful […]

Thanksgiving Through the Years

Thanksgiving Through the Years The first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony which is now Massachusetts was in 1621.  The last Thursday in November was declared a national day of thanksgiving by Abraham Lincoln  200 years later.  In 1941 Congress made Thanksgiving an official national holiday. A day of “thanks” and “giving”. Thanksgiving has traditionally been a […]

Business Partnerships: A Necessary Risk

Business Partnerships: A Necessary Risk Starting a business is an exciting venture.  Sole proprietorship allows you the freedom to Implement your own ideas, business procedures, and schedules as you wish.  The decisions you make will not impact anyone except you. Working alone can be difficult when trying to jump-start a new business.  Most people need […]