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30 Sep
Leadership and the Success of Your Small Business

woman showing leadership skillsLeadership Tips for Small Business Owners

We’ve all had experience with different leaders in our workplaces and communities. Some people are calm and collected, and some are fiery and passionate. Some are more courageous and others cautious and methodical.

There are benefits and drawbacks to the various leadership styles, but no matter how outwardly different, successful business leaders have a few things in common.

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20 Sep
How to Keep Your Small Business from Failing

Failure or Success imageHow to Keep Your Small Business from Failing

According to recent reports, the economy is booming, and it seems that now would be an excellent time to start a new business. The failure rate of new businesses is sobering, though. Bloomberg research shows that eight out of every ten businesses fail within a year and a half. The keys to success we will outline here seem simple, but keeping your eye on them from the beginning isn’t always easy.

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18 Sep
The Value of Cross-Training Employees

employer cross-training an employeeThe Value of Cross-Training Employees

There are many advantages to cross-training employees.  The greatest advantage being that in the absence of an employee, someone is available to step in and keep the business going as usual.  Any disruptions in operations or other transitions can be handled, allowing the business to continue to run smoothly.  No business should depend on one employee for anything.

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05 Sep
The Benefit of Transparency

transparent ball

Why Transparency Matters

You know you have everything in place to run a successful business but you are frustrated that your marketing is not getting the results you want.  If you seem to be losing more sales to the competition than you are winning and few customers are turning into repeat customers it is time to ask yourself what does a prospect experience when they see my business for the first time? Read More “The Benefit of Transparency”

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