Know Your Competition

Do You Need to Know Your Competition? Why are you better than your competition?  Do you know what differentiates you from your competitors?  Most business owners believe their company is better than their competitors, but knowing what sets them apart is critical.  The problem is that it takes time and effort to learn about your […]

Hiring a Great Team

Hiring a Great Team Millennials have a big emphasis on work/life balance.  They spend less time at the office and more time working by staying connected on social media. As the upcoming heads of companies, the workplace is already in an altered state. Hiring a good team is essential to any business.  It is important […]

Know Your Factor

Know Your Factor It’s been a hot summer and the regional factoring companies are being acquired at a record pace. Last month three more factors were purchased by out-of-state banks.  This is accelerating the trend of new banking institutions entering the market by purchasing local factoring companies. As a professional, it’s important you know that […]