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The Value of Dedicated Account Managers

The Value of Dedicated Account Managers Financing is the #1 requisite for any business to grow and keep a positive cash flow.  There are many options to look at for financing a business including traditional bank loans or alternative options such as factoring. Once the financing is in place, that relationship will continue as you […]

Credit is Crucial

Credit is Crucial Credit-worthy customers are crucial to any business.  As a business owner, it is important to limit your own credit risk, practice due diligence regarding your customer’s creditworthiness, and refrain from extending credit that is beyond profit margins. Customers at risk for not paying your invoices put your business at risk.  Confirming the […]


Relationships American Receivable Corporation considers their relationships within the financial community to be one of its greatest assets. American Receivable’s relationships within the banking community and with professional CPA’s spans over 38 years These relationships have been mutually beneficial to us, bankers and CPAs as well as our factoring clients.