Financing Your Business Through The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and often bring stressful challenges for some business owners.  Many businesses tend to see a slowing trend toward the end of the year. Some businesses delay payments to suppliers resulting in a trickle down effect to the supplier, resulting in a cash flow deficit.  This affects the supplier’s available cash for business operations.  Purchasing and manufacturing become limited due to a cash shortage and payroll is a priority.  Even with a bank loan, the business owner is responsible for re-paying the loan.  If customers are delaying payments,  the business owner may not be able to comply with the loan agreement.

Factoring is an alternative financing option that can help solve cash flow problems.  By purchasing the invoices and funding the business owner a percentage up front, the business owner can keep a positive cash flow and continue business as usual.  As the invoices are paid, the factoring company refunds the balance, called a reserve, less previously agreed upon fees to the business owner.

American Receivable Corporation has been working to help businesses with their cash flow needs since 1979.  Not all businesses are alike.  American receivable works with each individual client to tailor a solution to the specific needs of the business. American Receivable has been voted the #1 Factoring Company in the Nation by TopTen Reviews 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Call American Receivable today.  Let us show you how we can take the cash flow stress out of your holidays and keep your business on track.  After all, the holidays are for enjoyment, not stress!

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