How Technology Has Improved Invoice Factoring

In today’s time, many people cannot imagine running a business without the aid of technology, and the evolution of technology has changed the way we do business on a daily basis. Computers, software, apps, video, etc. have allowed companies to expand their businesses well beyond the borders of their home base. For factoring, it has created endless possibilities on how and where business can be done.

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Small Business Finance Basics

small business finance basicsSmall business finance can be confusing for many startups.  Properly setting up your financial books is vital for the success of any small business. Accurate bookkeeping will help you better manage your resources, find strategies to minimize debt and forecast economic trends to help you make the most returns from your investment. Additionally, you need accounting records for tax purposes.

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American Receivable Remains #1 for Third Consecutive Year

Dallas, Texas– For the third consecutive year, Top Ten Reviews has ranked American Receivable as the #1 factoring company in the U.S. American Receivable was one of the first factoring companies in the DFW metroplex, and for the last 39 years, American Receivable has provided cash flow solutions to businesses across the nation.

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Communicating with Slow-Paying Clients – Part 1

communicating with slow paying customerAs a small business owner, you’re no doubt aware of the impact communication has on the success of your organization.

You may have attended lectures or webinars, or read books on the role communication plays in motivating your employees and resolving conflicts in the workplace.  But for many, the pearls of wisdom gleaned from these experiences is lost when it comes to managing their business cash flow.

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Invoice Factoring – the Who, What and When

who,_what,_when_of_factoringIn the past, we’ve discussed how invoice factoring works.

In this article, we’ll look at the Who, What and When of factoring.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many small businesses is finding the right source of capital to fund their day-to-day business operations. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have a clear idea of where they are financially until they’re faced with an immediate, and often unexpected need for cash. Some of the most common reasons small businesses find themselves in this situation include:

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