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John A. Stieber
Chairman Emeritus

A professor for more than 30 years at Southern Methodist University, Mr. Stieber is currently Professor Emeritus of Finance and Economics.

A noted business author and lecturer, Mr. Stieber has served as a consultant to a number of fortune 100 companies and has served on various Boards of Directors in the finance, high tech, and manufacturing industries.

Mr. Stieber has been involved in activities at the Caruth Institute of Owner-Managed Business at SMU and was responsible for managing the Student Endowment Fund there. Mr. Stieber also served as Director of the Graduate Finance Certificate Program and was Co-Director of the renowned MBA program.

Jack Stieber

Mr. Stieber has been a pioneer in the factoring industry in Texas and the Southwest for over 38 years. As a founder of American Receivable Corporation he has helped countless businesses succeed with his innovative solutions to financing.

As President of American Receivable Mr. Stieber works closely with clients to ensure their needs are being met and that the services provided by American Receivable are on the cutting edge. Additionally, Mr. Stieber works closely with banks, professional associations and other financial institutions educating them on the benefits of factoring.

Brad Gurney
Executive Vice President

As a founder of American Receivable, Mr. Gurney has helped establish the American Receivable name in Texas and the Southwest making it synonymous with professionalism, integrity and stability.

Mr. Gurney's primary focus with American Receivable and area of expertise is new business development and establishing and maintaining customer relationships. The emphasis on establishing relationships with its clients is one of the cornerstones upon which American Receivable was built, and which to date remains the most important.

Pam Rodden
Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Rodden has been with American Receivable for over 33 years and during that time has played an integral part in the success of the Company.

Ms. Rodden's responsibilities with American Receivable include overseeing all the accounting and data entry functions for the corporation. She is also responsible for all corporate filings and statements and works closely with all the company's consultants to ensure proper compliance. Additionally, Ms. Rodden works with clients to instruct them on the reporting features of the company's software and to assist them in information and record transmittal.

Tiffany Strasner
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Ms. Strasner joined American Receivable after working in sales and marketing for one of Dallas' premier monthly publications.

Ms. Strasner's responsibilities at American Receivable include developing new referral relationships throughout the community and promoting American Receivable through networking affiliations and groups. Her background in sales and marketing enables her to bring a fresh focus on new business development.

Stacie Durman
Senior Account Manager

Ms. Durman joined American Receivable in 2011 and became part of the account management team managing and monitoring a group of Clients and their on-going factoring requirements.

In addition to assisting Clients on a daily basis, during her tenure with American Receivable Ms. Durman has taken on additional responsibilities that include accounting and data entry support as well as new client due diligence and document preparation. Ms. Durman is also responsible for coordinating the American Receivable website and social media sites with its vendors making sure information on the company is updated regularly and keeps pace with new products and ecommerce trends. Ms. Durman also lends assistance in new marketing ideas and efforts.

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